Why I'm Building A Better Communication System For My Church (Social Media Project)

February 6, 2018


The Need


When I was in school, people would often ask me why I was majoring in Communications, to which I often responded "Because I'm constantly communicating with people and I want to communicate better." This answer got mixed responses depending on the intent of the original question, but it was honest and I stand by it. Similarly, as a staff member within a church we are constantly communicating with the church body, and collectively as a congregation we are constantly communicating with the world. Recognizing this need, I've taken it upon myself to learn and test better communication tools.


The Goal 


My goal for this month is to establish Facebook as a hub of engagement and interactivity for the congregation of Unity Baptist Church. Though Facebook is just one of many available social media outlets, it is the only outlet that the majority of our congregation and visitors use consistently. Facebook's direct messaging and media commenting tools also make it a great place to start connecting with people.  


The Plan


Over the course of the next four weeks, I will be increasing the published activity on Unity's FB page by two posts a week (I've been using some of MinistryTech's ideas a guide). I will also be  learning and implementing Facebook Messenger Bots in order to make our visitation forms automated and engaging, while also creating a system to initiate and continue conversations with the congregation (CV Outreach has a great article about Messenger Bot potential for churches).  


Stay tuned for more updates!


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