Congregational Social Media (Social Media Project Part 3)

March 13, 2018


As I've been contributing to my church's social-media efforts, one of my biggest struggles has been keeping myself focused on the ultimate purpose of my church's communications. I set out to build a better system of engagement for our staff and congregation, and I learned that the worlds of 'social-media marketing' and 'church fellowship' actually have entirely separate endgames, despite sharing a few overlapping themes.


Social-media marketing is primarily concerned with building a brand, growing a digital audience, and engaging audience members in order to convert customers and mantain customer relations.


While a strong brand and a growing digital audience are fine things for a church communications team to work on, they are secondary to smooth and engaging systems of communication between members of a congregation.  


Seeing a need to emphasize this distinction, I capped off my project month with a church social media guide that shows off a collection of tools while also introducing a framework for using those tools. I call this framework "Congregational Social-Media".  













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