How to Totally Impress a New Design Client

March 6, 2018


Chaz Stead is a content-creator, marketer, and fellow Praxian. A few weeks ago Chaz announced he was working on a personal development project for the month of March, during which, he would design an original, client-usable design every day. Every single day! I contacted him a little bit ago about designing a logo for my personal brand, and I received the finished product this evening.


I am totally impressed by his work.


For one, my logo request was annoyingly vague at best. He asked me what type of style I was thinking and I literally answered "I really like that crisp, modern, sans-seraph look. So I was thinking of a similar style but more 'brand-able' and 'logo-ish'". BRAND-ABLE AND LOGO-ISH. He didn't bat an eye. He just plowed forward collecting information about my brand.


When I heard back from him today he sent me not one, two, three, four, but five distinct logos! Each one clearly connected to the way I had described my interests and brand. And yes, each one was "brand-able" and "logo-ish". 

 Ultimately, I decided to go with the above. Interestingly, my choice was the most different from the way I had first described my idea. I had originally told Chaz about how I saw art as "infinitely greater than the sum of its parts" and how I was leaning toward an infinity symbol. Many of his logos included infinity symbols, but seeing this one helped me to realize the core aesthetic of my brand- the synergy of structure and creativity.


I understand now that a core aesthetic can be much more effective than a symbolized philosophy for a personal brand. A core aesthetic can be visually felt, while a symbolized philosophy will almost always need to be explained.


Chaz's design uses sharp, straight lines to convey a sense of structure, while at the same time his use of off-center cursive conveys a sense of creativity. The logo binds the paradox of the two contrasting themes into one cohesive unit.


As a graphic designer in the habit of reverse-engineering the things that I like, I will definitely be keeping up Chaz Stead and his projects.


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