Building A Catalytic Creativity Converter

March 9, 2018


Yesterday I wrote about inspiration and fire. I mused that inspiration is what happens when thoughts collide with other thoughts at the right angle, like flint and steel starting a blaze. To finish my thought I said that I was in the business of engineering lighters.


I'd like to keep that metaphor train rolling by introducing a new term: The Catalytic Creativity Converter


A catalytic converter is a device that converts toxic exhaust from an internal combustion engine into a form of exhaust better fit for putting out into the world. It does this by introducing a catalytic substance and increasing the rate of reaction in the exhaust (I am cutting a lot of corners to make this metaphor work, but that's still about 80% accurate).  


A catalytic creativity converter (patent pending) is a collection of ideas designed to filter, refine, and direct your volatile creative energies by increasing the rate of thought on thought reactions in order to create your best creative work. Catalytic creativity converters can take a number of forms including (but absolutely not limited to) notebooks full of powerful literary excerpts, curated collections of stimulating art pieces, or a compendium of interesting podcasts.


For my story music projects, I use a playlist to direct and refine my creative thoughts. I use songs that help me see pictures, songs that help me think stories, and songs that somehow meld together to form new melodies in my mouth. Feel free to check it out below.


My Catalytic Creativity Converter Playlist


May all your exhaust fumes be clean,



















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