Let Us Make Producers

March 10, 2018


I've been a musician for almost 10 years now. I started learning piano in my early elementary years, but I became a musician the day my youth praise band leader told me I was their new keyboardist (quite unceremoniously). 


From that moment, my perspective on music was changed forever. I wasn't a kid who took piano lessons, I was a keyboardist in a band. Music wasn't just something I consumed or tried to learn, music was something I did, something I produced (albeit, very poorly). Eventually I got better and now I do music for a living, but I doubt I would have ever made it this far if someone hadn't told me that I was a producer and showed me that I could learn from the other side of the stage. 


Now, one of my favorite parts of being a worship leader is my ability to walk up to someone and invite them to help me create (on rare occasions I've been known to not offer a choice).


I have a serious problem with human beings (thinking, creating, soul-possessing human beings) identifying as consumers. Consuming is fine, everybody consumes. But as a species we are producers who consume, not consumers who occasionally produce. Part of my mission is showing people that they are producers and, as much as it's in my power, equipping them with tools they can use to create.


On a more practical level, showing people that they are welcome behind the veil into the world of production can be extremely rewarding (and addicting). If you have the proverbial keys to a stage, a studio, a business, or any other world of production, consider ways to change identities.


Let us make producers.









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