Sad Songs About Magic Part 2: Practical Magic

March 12, 2018


After conceiving the theme, the ultimate sound and lyrical style of this (yet to be named) creative project took heavy influences from the concept album We Don't Have Each Other  by Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties. 


Everything about this musical storytelling experience is designed to help the listener see and feel through the perspective of the perfomer. Lyrics are "hyper-literal"-free of surface poetic metaphors- raw and emotionally charged. Written in either present-tense first person or past-tense first person. Events unfold similar to a movie, exposition is conveyed organically, and any deeper meaning is conveyed through rhetorical artifacts and thematic symbolism.


SEE PART ONE HERE: Curtains/Invisble Ink


PART TWO BELOW: Escape Artist/Practical Magic



Escape Artist


I’m a coward.

I’m a coward in a City of Sin.

Like a tourist,

Maybe I'll use this place to escape who I am.

I’m a coward in a City of sin.

But I don’t have any money and vices take cash.

I’d call up my folks, but I’m too ashamed to ask.

I can’t afford my own meltdown, I know I should just go home.

But I won’t go home.


Practical Magic


Verse 1A:

As I walk the city streets/ I know I look ridiculous

Even in a place like this.


A full tux and top hat/ my eyes dark as the moonless sky

I wish I could change my skin.


Mid-verse 1:

A man stumbles up to me, looks at me head to feet, in his hand he holds a bottle of whiskey

He says “Kid, you sure look the part.  See if you know your art. Why don’t you show me some magic?"...I said, "Sure, Ill show you some magic."


Verse 1B:


I open my jacket and spin all the way around

I show him up my sleeves

I take off my hat and I, bow low to the ground 

I tell him, “be sure to watch carefully"




I start to tug at my sleeve, and out comes a bouquet of roses.

One by one they each wither and die, till i’m holding a handful of ashes. 




And I said “Sir, how was that for some magic!?

Something amazing and a little bit tragic?

Sir, how was that for some magic!?”


Verse 2A:


He said, “Son, that just might be the most amazing thing, 

that I have ever seen.

I wish there was some way, that I could pay for it."

I said, "I'll take your whiskey."


Mid-verse 2:

I stumble down the street, foolish as anything, drunk off another man's bottle of jack.

I see a back alley stick up, some poor guy down on his luck, I say “Would you men want to see something magic?” “Cuz I’d really like to show you some magic.”


Verse 2B:


Three heads turn to look at me, two men snarl angrily.

I’m not approaching cautiously. 

The tall man says “Turn around”, but I keep on walking.

And he points a gun at me.



My mouth starts to curl in a grin, and I walk a little bit closer.

A shot rings out through the alley and street, and I spit out a shiny black bullet.



And I said “How was that for some magic!?

Something amazing and a little dramatic?

How was that for some magic!?”



Now Im all alone in this alleyway

I’m not going home, so I guess I’ll stay

Right here till I pass out or I find a way

To make myself believe

That you’re not better off without me

My eyes closed, I’m on my knees 

I think you might be better off without me


Verse 3A:


I feel a gun press against my head, a man’s voice says “Sorry,

But Im gonna need all your money.

I swear I don’t do this much, but tonight i feel empty

 I had a girl and she left me."


Mid-verse 3:


All these thoughts rattle in my head, they scare me half to death. But you don’t deserve a dead husband tonight!

If you don’t want me, I understand, honestly. But I need to here it from you. 

Im coming home to here it from you.


Verse 3B:


I said, “Hey man, I feel for you. I think I know what thats like. 

But I’m all out of cash tonight.

So i’ll tell you what Ill do, you put that empty gun down

And I’ll give you some advice 



Then I told him what I knew about love. I told him his girl would come back and that she’d make him a father

He promised I'd be his last mistake, then i told him what he’d name his daughter.



Then i said "Love is sort of like magic

It’s always amazing, but sometimes it’s tragic

Love is a lot like magic."


Now I’m going home to see if the woman I love knows she’s better off without me...
















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