Have Fun Feeding Yourself

March 17, 2018

I love good food. Making it, eating it (I wanted to make a list of three, but those two are the only things I actually love doing with food). 


For me, food is a physical need that serves as a template for unlimited creative expression. Obviously I'm not the only one that thinks this. We've all seen Ratatouille, and "the culinary arts" got their name for a reason. 


My main bottleneck when it comes to making awesome food is organization. It's hard to start on a great recipe when I can't remember what's in my kitchen and I'm 20 minutes away from a low-blood-sugar induced coma. To treat this problem, I've decided to try meal planning.



Tonight I used the recipe/meal planning app Yummly to map out dinners for me and my wife this week.


I was impressed with the process.


Yummly searches the internet for recipes and lets you scroll through the results natively within the app (more efficient than Google, with just as many results). You can save recipes you find into different folders for later. I filtered my search using the "ingrediants on hand" option so I wouldn't have to shop.


If you save a recipe that you don't have all the ingrediants for, the app can add the missing ingrediants to a built-in shopping list. And if you've got way more money than time, you can have all of the groceries in your cart bought and delivered through Instacart with one click. The future is here.



*Commercial over*​


I'm looking forward to feeding myself this week.

















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