Better Tools For Giving Feedback

March 23, 2018

One of the best ways to master something (a skill, concept, or entire body of knowledge) is trying to teach it to someone else. There's something about having to communicate what you learn that helps you evaluate the functionality of your thought processes. It forces you to tidy up your mind for company.  


Similarly, giving feedback on someone else's work is a terrific way to develop "better taste" and refine your self-editing abilities. Having experienced these benefits first hand, I've taken it upon myself to hunt down some tools that I hope will help me create and recieve more value from the act of giving feedback. 


1. Google Docs


Google Docs is especially useful for editing written documents. By turning on "Suggesting" mode you can write notes in the margins, or you can just rewrite portions of the document if that's easier.


Anything you delete will get a dash through it, and anything you write will be a highlighted color. Your edits generate automatic notes saying what you did (you can still add notes saying why you're suggesting the changes).


From a recipient's perspective, each individual suggestion can be accepted and implemented, or ignored, with a click (recipients can also choose to one-click accept and implement all suggestions if you did a really good job or if they are really lazy). 


2. Wix Feedback





















Wix's web-builder lets you generate a fully-functioning preview of your site to send out for feedback. 


Editors can attach visual note dots to elements of the site (text, design, or general UX). Note dots can contain detailed comments along with emoji ratings that range from "awestruck" to "enraged".


Loom lets you record a video of your screen while recording your audio commentary, then you can share the video link.


It's pretty simple.


Screen recorders like Loom are a great way to quickly share detailed comments. You can even use it in combination with other feedback tools to walk recipients through your notes.



- Avery



















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