Sum Infinite

March 24, 2018

 I wrote this poem awhile ago, but today I learned something new about it.


I learned that this poem is very similar to a haiku, in that, it uses the juxtaposition of two short, halting thoughts to convey its meaning. 


For this piece, I use the phrases "Expiration fated, fuel limited" and "Possibilities limitless, sum infinite" as my volta (rhetorical pivot points). These phrases could loosely be interpreted as my kireji -words that mark the contrasting themes in traditional haikus. 


Sum Infinite


The laws of natural order require

 An exchange of equal parts.

Flint collides with steel

The result: A few sparks

Sparks ignite a flame

That flame begins to wane


Expiration fated, fuel limited


But one act in our mortal world defies

Most laws of logic known

A human mind thinks up a thought

And works to make it shown

The showing becomes the Arts

But the Arts surpass their parts


Possibilities limitless, sum infinite










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