Shower Thoughts On Shower Thoughts

March 27, 2018

No one knows exactly how and why creativity occurs. A lot of people have guesses. Some people have research. Some people have experience. But no one really knows. 


However, there is one phenomenon that is an (almost) universally experienced vessel of creative inspiration: the shower thought.


Blame it on the calming, hypnotic sensory static of water on skin. Blame it on the period of subconcious incubation between workloads. Blame it on the shear freedom of nudity, or blame it on all of the above. There is something about taking a shower that helps the human brain do what it needs to do. 


Creative shower power.


Also, there are hygiene benefits. 


Here is place where humans share the results of using their creativity/cleanliness chambers. Not all of the thoughts are helpful, but many of them are amusing.



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