Why Write A Blog?

March 31, 2018


I've just started writing for myself. Today marks a month of consistent daily published content. Over this past month I've found that my initial resistance towards writing in my own voice is slowly being overcome by a powerful desire: The desire to be accurately known for who I am.


If blogging is like a self-portrait, I don't want to just draw a stick figure. If I don't write in my own voice, then no one else will. 


A part of me wants to ask "How dare I think my thoughts are important enough to share with the world? I haven't perfected my mind yet. My ideas aren't ready for others to see. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open my mouth and remove all doubt." 

But he's just a coward.


A better part of me asks "How dare I think my thoughts are flawless enough to be kept private and unchallenged? How much learning can occur in the vaccuum of your mind? Build something. Start with what I know and then learn out loud. Better to be known as fool seeking to improve, than to be nothing but a genius in my own mind."


With this blog I want to share some valuable things that I know. I want to share valuable things that I learn (even things that I learn in messy, unflattering ways). I want to create an accurate picture of who I am.


I'm just getting started.




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